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Alpine routes in Bern


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For those who enjoy an active vacation, we have lots of suggestions in Bern. Use our Travel Guide as a source of inspiration for planning your next adventure and browse through descriptions and route details of the most beautiful alpine routes.
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The 10 Most Beautiful alpine routes in Bern

Das Gipfelkreuz des Blüemlisalphorns ragt aus dem Schnee
Alpine tour
Blüemlisalphorn crossing
Premium content Difficulty II, 50°, AD difficult Multi-stage route
22.7 km
13:30 h
2,518 m
2,519 m
Second tour for experienced alpinists from Oeschinen via the Blüemlisalpe to the summit of the Blüemlisalphorn (3661 m) and back.
Wegspur auf dem Zackengrat
Alpine tour · Kandersteg
Balmhorn via Zackengrat
Premium content Difficulty I, 35°, PD+ difficult
17.7 km
10:00 h
1,800 m
1,650 m
The Balmhorn is a beautiful pyramid high above the Kandertal. The normal route leads over the scree-covered, moderately steep Schwarzgletscher and the harmless Zackengrat (WS+).
Auf dem Gipfel des Schreckhorns
Alpine tour · Switzerland
From the Schreckhorn Hut to the Schreckhorn
Premium content Difficulty III, 40°, AD+ difficult Stage 2
17 km
16:00 h
1,931 m
3,063 m
Second stage of the Schreckhorn ascent: from the Schreckhorn hut on the normal route via the south-west ridge to the Schreckhorn and back to Grindelwald.
Herrliche Aussicht vom Gipfel des Schreckhorns; Obers Ischmeer in der Tiefe, links das Oberaarhorn
Alpine tour
Schreckhorn south-west ridge
Premium content Difficulty III, 40°, AD+ difficult Multi-stage route
24.5 km
23:00 h
3,124 m
3,124 m
Challenging high altitude tour in high alpine surroundings to the northernmost and probably most difficult peak of the Bernese Alps - the Schreckhorn.
Die Gipfelpyramide des Gspaltenhorns gesehen von P. 3223
Alpine tour · Bernese Alps
Premium content Difficulty II+, AD- moderate
4.4 km
8:00 h
1,000 m
1,000 m
Kletterhochtour ohne Gletscherkontakt auf einen markanten Berg der Berner Alpen. Der Leiterngrat ist mit zahlreichen Sicherungsmöglichkeiten ausgerüstet.
Blick vom Nordgipfel auf den etwas luftigen Übergang
Alpine tour · Oberhasli
Diechterhorn (3389 m) - traverse from the Trifthütte to the Gelmerhütte
Premium content Difficulty II, 30°, PD difficult closed
18.7 km
11:30 h
2,340 m
1,850 m
Lots of glacier and little rock - on the Diechterhorn, the highest mountain on the west side of the Trift glacier, friends of glacier tours get their money's worth.
Abstieg vom Wildstrubel mit Blick auf den Glacier de la Plaine Morte
Alpine tour · Wildstrubelgletscher
Wildstrubel - crossing from the Gemmi Pass to the Simmen Falls
Premium content Difficulty <30°, F difficult
19.2 km
8:00 h
1,000 m
2,250 m
Easy alpine tour, as a Überschreitung long, but with some scenic highlights. From the summit, a magnificent view of the glacier plateau of the Glacier de la Plaine Morte.
Blick auf die Südwand vom Mönch
Alpine tour · Bernese Alps
Mönch vom Jungfraujoch
recommended route Difficulty II+, AD- difficult
5.2 km
5:00 h
635 m
635 m
Schöne Hochtour vom Jungfraujoch Richtung Mönchsjochhütte auf den Mönch und wieder Retour.
Beim Sonnenaufgang
Alpine tour · Switzerland
Blüemlisalphorn crossing - stage 2
Premium content Difficulty II, 50°, AD difficult Stage 2
15.2 km
10:00 h
1,265 m
2,400 m
Second stage of the Blüemlisalphorn Überschreitung: from the Blüemlisalpe up to the Morgenhorn, the Wyssi Frau and the Blüemlisalphorn, back ück via the Rothornsattel and the Blüemlisalpe to Oeschinen.
Beginn des Alpinwanderwegs an der Tierberglhütte
Alpine tour · Oberhasli
Front Tierberg
Premium content Difficulty <30°, F moderate
7.6 km
6:30 h
1,000 m
1,000 m
Short and easy glacier hike from the Tierberglihütte. Together with an ascent via the Tierbergli via ferrata, a varied day trip against a wild glacier backdrop.
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Balmhorn via Zackengrat by Uri
August 30, 2022 · Community
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When did you do this route? August 26, 2022
Eiger über Mittellegigrat by Till
August 10, 2022 ·
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Photo: Till Hauptmann, DAV Sektion Straubing
Photo: Till Hauptmann, DAV Sektion Straubing
Photo: Till Hauptmann, DAV Sektion Straubing
Photo: Till Hauptmann, DAV Sektion Straubing
Photo: Till Hauptmann, DAV Sektion Straubing
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