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  • Schloss Habsburg
    Schloss Habsburg Photo: Aargau Tourismus, Aargau Tourismus
  • Wasserschloss
    Wasserschloss Photo: Aargau Tourismus, Aargau Tourismus
  • Linde von Linn
    Linde von Linn Photo: Aargau Tourismus
  • Thermalbad Aquarena fun im Bad Schinznach Photo: Aargau Tourismus, Aargau Tourismus
  • Aussicht auf der Gisliflue Photo: Aargau Tourismus, Aargau Tourismus
  • Klosterhalbinsel Wettingen Photo: Aargau Tourismus, Aargau Tourismus
  • Radtour im Aargau Photo: Aargau Tourismus, Aargau Tourismus
  • Baden im Hallwilersee Photo: Aargau Tourismus, Aargau Tourismus
  • Aargau Photo: Outdooractive Editors
  • Auen gehören zum Aargau Photo: Walter Biselli, Schwarzwaldverein Radolfzell
  • Salinen in Zurzach Photo: Walter Biselli, Schwarzwaldverein Radolfzell
  • Kastell in Kaiseraugst Photo: Walter Biselli, Schwarzwaldverein Radolfzell


Discover Aargau far away from the beaten paths. Looking for travel recommendations? Our travel guide provides you with the best things of interest that Aargau has to offer. Get inspired by tracks and trails throughout the region, events you should not miss, the most remarkable sights as well as huts and hotels. Here is a short overview of the highlights in Aargau:
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Destinations in Aargau


Attractions in Aargau

Idyllic landscape between the Jura and the Swiss Plateau

The Aargau lies in German-speaking Switzerland to the west of the canton of Zurich. In terms of landscape, the north of Aargau is characterised by the foothills of the Jura, the south by the Mittelland, one of Switzerland's hilly mountain regions.

The canton is considered a particularly fertile region.

The canton is considered a particularly fertile region, with fruit and cereal growing and viticulture in addition to dairy farming. The idyllic hilly landscape with numerous gentle hillsides, floodplain landscapes and secluded stretches of forest is a popular holiday destination.

The Aare, which gave Aargau its name, flows from the west through the canton. Aarau, the cantonal capital, is one of the towns on the Aare.

Geographic region · Switzerland
Schweizer Mittelland

For those who prefer an active vacation, there are numerous sights and destinations to discover at the Central Plateau, ...

Outdooractive Editors
Nature park
Argovia Jurapark
Nature park

A Nature Park is a protected landscape that has been preserved in its present state by means of long-term planning and ...

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Nature reserve · Wasserschloss (Zusammenfluss Aare/Reuss/Limmat)
Wasserschloss der Schweiz
Wasserschloss (Zusammenfluss Aare/Reuss/Limmat)

Mitten im Aargau, wo Aare, Reuss und Limmat sich vereinen, liegt das Wasserschloss. Diese ...

from Aargau Tourismus,   Aargau Tourismus
Historical Site · Aargau
Römerrebberg Remigen

Die alten Römer brachten den Rebbau über die Alpen. In den vier Museumsrebbergen sehen Sie in ...

from Jurapark Aargau,   Aargau Tourismus
Dam · Aarelandschaft bei Klingnau
Klingnauer Stausee
Aarelandschaft bei Klingnau

Am Ausgang des unteren Aaretals, kurz vor der Mündung der Aare in den Rhein, liegt der 1.5 km² ...

from Bad Zurzach Tourismus AG,   Bad Zurzach
Bird sanctuary · Aargau
Flachsee Unterlunkhofen

Das Wasser- und Zugvoglereservat von nationaler Bedeutung ist nicht nur Ornithologen für seine ...

from Fredy Zobrist,   Erlebnis Freiamt

Outdoor activities in Aargau

The varied landscape of the Aargau is perfect for being active outdoors in nature. Countless hiking and cycling trails lead through the region. Outdoor enthusiasts who are interested in culture will also get their money's worth, for example on the river or wine hiking trail. Along the way, restaurants and wineries invite you to take a break.

And nice excursions can also be made by bike. The lower Aare valley, for example, is suitable for leisurely rides.

Lake Hallwil has bathing and barbecue areas and boats ply here in summer. On the Aare and on the Reuss, it is possible to go canoeing or paddling.


Culture Canton Aargau

Aargau can look back on a long history. The pile dwellings of Beinwil and Seengen, for example, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are evidence of early settlement. There are also former Roman fortresses to be found, such as Augusta Raurica or the Vindonissa Roman camp. Material from the ruins of this camp was later used to build the landmark of the town of Brugg, the so-called black tower at the town hall.

Another cultural highlight of the region is the Muri Monastery dating from 1027. In the resident museum, visitors can learn interesting facts about the history of the building and about the monks and bishops who lived here. Numerous other historical buildings, such as Hallwyl Castle, invite visitors to discover them in Aargau.


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