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Saving routes and maps offline

Having signal coverage and internet connection in remote areas is never a sure thing. It is usually in these remote places that we have the greatest need to check our location. This problem is solved with the offline maps feature on our app. Easily download routes and maps and access your content at any time without needing an internet connection.

Saving routes offline

Whenever a route is downloaded the information is saved offline. This includes the relevant map section showing the route as well as all the descriptive texts, details, and media.

To save a route offline, select the menu item "Download" in the lower bar on the detail page of the route.

Good to know: If you have saved a route offline, all data is available to use the navigation for this route offline.

Saving maps offline

In addition to individual routes, you can also save entire sections of the map offline. Simply select the desired area by moving the map to it and zooming in. Once you have made your selection, tap the 'download' symbol in the top right corner.

Note: The symbol will only appear once you have zoomed in far enough. The maximum size of a single map section when downloading is approximately 40 x 40 kms. However, you can save as many map sections as you want. Overlapping areas are not downloaded twice and you will not notice the transitions when viewing the map.


You have two options when downloading 40 x 40 sections of the topographic map:

  • You can download all zoom levels, but note that doing so will usually require a lot of storage space.
  • You can download with reduced zoom levels. Not all zoom levels will be saved, but this will take up less storage space. 

Important: To navigate offline, it is not enough to have the map section saved offline. You need to download the entire route, as described in the section above.

Where is everything stored?

You can find all your downloaded routes and maps on your profile page under "Settings" followed by 'Downloads' for iOS or "Storage Management" for Android.

You can also delete your downloaded content. To do this, either tap and hold on the desired content and then on the trash can icon (Android) or push the content to the left and then press "Delete" (iOS).

Downloaded routes and maps take up space on your device. How much depends on the size of the selected map section. Before downloading, you should make sure you have enough free space and a stable internet connection.


Managing and restoring saved content

Warning: maps and routes you have saved offline are removed once you log out of the app. However, these can easily be restored. The “Downloads” folder allows you to view and manage current and past downloaded content.

The content that is currently available offline is marked with a tick. If there is content in the list that you want to use offline again, download it again by tapping the small downward arrow to the right of the entry, or open the list entry in the detail view → download. You'll also see the name, size, and other details about the content, and you can remove it from your profile altogether.

Tips for using your downloaded content

To get the most out of the content you have stored offline, you should disconnect the app from the internet using 'offline mode'. Otherwise, the application will continue to try to load the map over the Internet, which can seriously disrupt the structure of the offline content.

Using 'offline mode' also means that you don't need to completely disconnect your device from the internet. It can be activated by tapping the three dot menu at the bottom right of the map → "Offline mode" → "Activate offline mode". When the mode is activated, a downward-pointing arrow with a green dot appears on the map. You can also deactivate offline mode using this icon. 

Note: If you notice issues with the downloaded map such as missing or out-of-focus tiles, you will need to delete that download and re-download. 

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