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From Blato pasture over Fužinske planine pastures and Koča pod Bogatinom mountain hut

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  • Črno jezero
    Črno jezero
    Photo: Turizem Bohinj
m 2200 2000 1800 1600 1400 1200 1000 20 15 10 5 km Jezero pri Planina Jezero pri Planina Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih Höhle Dom na Komni
A circular trail takes you over the former ironworks pastures, of which the most popular pasture is Planina pri Jezeru, to Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain hut and Koča pod Bogatinom mountain hut. You return to the starting point past Črno jezero lake.
Distance 24.9 km
10:00 h
1,544 m
1,544 m
1,857 m
1,146 m

The world of Fužinarske planine pastures (ironworks pastures) is located between Pršivec and Hribarice, Triglav Lakes and Voje Valley. This is a high mountain plateau with karst and jagged relief, covered with forest and pastrues, at a high altitude, it is covered with dwarf pines. Fužinarske gore mountains rise above the pastures. Marked trails run to Pršivec and peaks on the west edge of the plateau above the Triglav Lakes Valley. Other trails are not marked or the mountains can be accessed along unmarked trails. Thus, this mountain area is not frequently visited by hikers. But pastures and mountain lodges there are quite often visited. The most popular is Koča na Planini pri Jezeru mountain hut that is located in the heart of Fužinarske planine pastures. There are a few shepherd lodges near the hut and the lake below them, after which the pasture got its name.

The trail across Dedno polje and Ovčarija pastures as well as over the Čez Štapce pass runs to koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain hut that is located near Dvojno jezero lake below the walls of Tičarica. From there you can hike to Na Kraju pasture and Koča pod Bogatinom mountain hut as well as past Črno jezero lake over Viševnik and Planine pastures near Jezero and back to the starting point.

One of the most significant sites along the trail is Črno jezero lake which is the lowest lying lake of all Triglav Lakes and is one of the most beautiful high mountain lakes in Slovenia. The lake that lies in the valley of Lopučniška dolina, is embedded between the pine forest and the steep slopes of Stador, with its position and dark colour, it gives a sense of mysteriousness and peace.

Author’s recommendation

Prior to every hike, check the weather forecast and trail conditions.

Bathing or any other recreational activities are prohibited in Triglav lakes. All garbage must be carried to the valley and not left on pastures.

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Turizem Bohinj
Update: June 29, 2022
Highest point
1,857 m
Lowest point
1,146 m
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Path 0.88%
0.2 km
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Rest stops

Koča na Planini pri Jezero
Dom na Komni

Safety information

There can be fallen trees in some parts of the trail due damage caused by strong winds.

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Turizem Bohinj, Stara Fužina, tel.: +386 4 57 47 590

TIC Bohinj, Ribčev Laz, tel.: +386 4 574 60 10

TIC Bohinj, Bohinjska Bistrica, tel.: +386 4 574 76 00

TIC Bohinj, Stara Fužina, tel.: +386 4 572 33 26

TNP Bohinj Centre, Stara Fužina, tel.: +386 1 200 97 60

Julian Alps Card: bohinj offers free transport and other benefits.


Car park near Blato pasture (1,147 m) (1,145 m)
46.310838, 13.849333
46°18'39.0"N 13°50'57.6"E
33T 411401 5129228


Car park near Blato pasture (1,147 m)

Turn-by-turn directions

Go back a few metres from the car park on Blato pasture and turn to the wide and steep cart track (skidding trail) in the direction of Planina pri Jezeru pasture. After 10 minutes of a steep ascent you soon reach the marked intersection, where you continue along the left steep cart track (the road to Planina v Lazu pasture runs in the straight direction). Slightly higher, this path is connected with the marked path from Vogar pasture. Continue along a wide, partially stone cart track that ascends through a small rock cut section. The trail becomes flat and then crosses steep slopes. Soon the road turns sharp left and takes you to a small valley. The continue starts ascending and then turns right and becomes flat. In a few metres, the path from Vodični vrh pasture comes from the right, continue straight on and after a 5-minute walk you access Planina pri Jezeru pasture, where a mountain hut is located. The view is amazing. With some effort you can even see mountains Debeli vrh and Ograde.

Continue to the left and slightly downwards to a marked intersection, continue along the right path towards Dedno polje (Viševnik pasture and Pršivec mountain are on the left). What is initially a wide road, then moderately ascends through the pine forest. The road then branches off over Krištofojca that leads to Viševnik pasture. Walk along the wide path that becomes flat and turns slightly to the right. Dedno polje pasture is in front of you. The path turns left and after a few steps brings you to Dedno polje pasture.

There is a cheese dairy that is included in the Bohinj Cheese Trail on this pasture. In summer, you can even buy dairy products there. The pasture offers a beautiful view of Kred and Kovačičeva glava. The rocky Kopica is in the background of both mentioned peaks.

A marked intersection is located on the edge of the pasture. Continue straight on towards Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain hut (Za Kopico valley is on the right) along the path that is initially flat and then moderately ascends through the forest. The trail offers a beautiful view of the South Bohinj Range, then descends and brings you to Ovčarija pasture, where you soon reach a intersection. Ovčarija pasture is a vast pasture in the west part of Fužinarske planine pastures. A beautiful view opens from Ovčarija of the South Bohinj Range, Mala Tičarica and surrounding mountains.

Continue along the right side towards Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain hut over Štapce (or over Prodi if you go straight on). The path initially moderately ascends through a larch forest and then ascends steeply to the panoramic Štapce slopes.

Continue downwards towards Dvojno jezero lake that can be seen below (Tičarica on the right). The trail starts descending steeply along an excellently protected path (steel wired path, a ladder in the lower part). After a 5-minute descend the trail crosses a scree and descends to Dvojno jezero lake, where you can continue to the right towards the mountain hut (on the left, the trail crosses Prodi and passes Črno jezero lake). The flat trail goes round the lake and soon brings you to Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain hut.

The hut offers a nice view of the surrounding mountains. The walls of Tičarice rise on the east side; behind Dvojno jezero you can see a part of the South Bohinj Range on south-east side; on the south-west side of the valley, you can see the lower part of the ridge that runs from Prehodavci to Pod Kalom pasture with the peaks of Kal, Vrh Škrila, Glava za bajto and Čelo; to the west you can see Plaski Vogel, Veliko and Malo Špičje, as well as Kopica and Zelnarici on the other side of the valley.

Continue to the Dom na Komni mountain hut by turning right before Dvojno jezero lake. The trail descends moderately and ascends in some sections. When the forest ends, you come to Lopučnica pasture with a marked intersection, where you can turn slightly to the left. You again have to make a few ascents and descents through the forest. Continue to the abandoned pasture Na Kalu. Then you slightly ascend to the panoramic small pass where the path turns left and slowly starts descending and brings you to the abandoned Razor pasture. Continue to the intersection and turn right towards Koča pod Bogatinom mountain hut, which is only a short moderately flat section of path away.

The Komna plateau is surrounded with high mountains like an amphitheatre. Thus, the mountain hut provides a beautiful view of the mountains and peaks around the plateau. You can see the edge of the plateau to the east, and the South Bohinj Range to the south. The peaks of Podrta gora, Tolminski Kuk, Mahavšček (Veliki Bogatin) and Bogatin can be viewed. The Vratca pass (Bogatinsko sedlo) is north of Bogatin, and rises above the Gracija valley. Above it you can see Srednji vrh mountain from the Lanževica massive; the view of the northern side is covered by the edge of the Na Kraju pasture, where the trail to the Triglav Lakes Valley runs.

You can reach Koča pod Bogatinom mountain hut along a flat path with views of Bogatin and Mahavšček in 15 minutes. Continue to the valley and turn left to Koča pri Savici lodge or make a short stop at Dom na Komni mountain hut, which is only a few minutes from the intersection away.

Soon you come to a signpost that directs you to the left, i.e. towards Črno jezero lake. Walk for 1.5 hour on a relatively flat terrain with some ascents and descents. Beautiful views of Lake Bohinj and the Bohinj and Tolmin mountains open along the edge of Komarča. In the last section, the path descends and you soon arrive to Črno jezero lake and walk on its left side. The signposts direct you to Viševnik pasture. The trail ascends and runs mainly through the forest. Cross the valley of Dol pod Stadorjem and you soon come to Viševnik pasture.

The signposts direct you to the right towards Planina pri Jezeru pasture. The trail starts descending and brings you to Planina pri Jezeru pasture, from where you return to the car park near Blato pasture. (


all notes on protected areas

Public transport


You can travel by train or bus to Bohinj. From the Primorska side, you can also come by car train.

Regular buses drive from Stara Fužina to Bohinjska Bistrica whole year round, in summer time you can come to Ukanc, the Savica Waterfall or Rudno polje (on the Pokljuka) by Hop-On-Hop-Off bus. The bus station is 500 metres from the starting point.

Free shuttles take you from Stara Fužina to Blato pasture in summer.

More information is available on the website

Getting there

Drive by car to Stara Fužina from Bled, through Soteska or over Pokljuka. You can also access the village across Jelovica and Soriška planina.


Car park on Blato pasture (coordinates: 46.311351, 13.850205). Road fee must be paid to drive along the road to the car park (EUR 12/24 hrs). We recommed parking at car park Srednja vas 14 (Senožeta), from where free shuttles take you to Blato pasture.


46.310838, 13.849333
46°18'39.0"N 13°50'57.6"E
33T 411401 5129228
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Triglavski narodni park, 1:50.000

Triglav, 1:25.000

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We recommend hiking shoes and clothes as well as enough water. In summer, you can visit the Koča na Planini pri Jezeru, Koča pri Triglavskih jezerih mountain huts, Bregarjevo zavetišče shelter on Viševnik pasture and Koča pod Bogatinom mountain hut which is also open in ski touring season.

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24.9 km
10:00 h
1,544 m
1,544 m
Highest point
1,857 m
Lowest point
1,146 m
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