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  • Sonnenaufgang über dem Fichtelgebirge am Waldstein
    Sonnenaufgang über dem Fichtelgebirge am Waldstein Photo: desico, Adobe Stock
  • Hoch über dem Fichtelsee
    Hoch über dem Fichtelsee Photo: Mathias Weil, Adobe Stock
  • Winterliches Fichtelgebirge
    Winterliches Fichtelgebirge Photo: tobiasott, Adobe Stock


With Schneeberg and Ochsenkopf, the thousands of peaks of the Fichtelgebirge, other mountain ranges, and forested plateaus, the low mountain range in northeastern Bavaria offers countless opportunities for sports enthusiasts, both in summer and winter. Whether in the air, on foot, by bike, on the water, or in the snow - in the Fichtelgebirge Nature Park, everyone gets their money's worth. Starting in Hof, through Wunsiedel with the Luisenburg and Marktredwitz to Arzberg you can combine nature with culture.

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Attractions in the Fichtelgebirge


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Maps and trails
Summit · Fichtelgebirge

Mit 972 m ist der Nußhardt der dritthöchste Berg im Fichtelgebirge und befindet sich direkt am ...

from Jonas Voit,   Outdooractive Editors
Summit · Fichtelgebirge

Die Weißmainfelsen befinden sich auf einer Höhe von 929 m am Osthang des Ochsenkopfes im ...

from Jonas Voit,   Outdooractive Editors
Hiking trail · Fichtelgebirge
Thiesenring Bad Berneck
Premium content Difficulty moderate
Distance 10.6 km
Duration 3:30 h
Ascent 396 m
Descent 396 m

The Thiesenring takes us to numerous vantage points, historic sites and nature reserves, allowing us to discover nature and history at the same time.

from Daniel Maier,   Outdooractive Premium
Hiking trail · Luisenburg, Gipfel der Großen Kösseine und Kleines Labyrinth
Im Felsenlabyrint der Luisenburg bei Wunsiedel
recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
Distance 2.1 km
Duration 2:30 h
Ascent 84 m
Descent 84 m

Eines der schönsten Geotope Bayerns, auf alle Fälle das abenteuerlichste für die ganze Familie. Verfallene Burgruinen, finstere Höhlen, steile ...

from Wolfgang Brendel,
Bicycle Ride · Fichtelgebirge
Bridge Cycle Route Bavaria-Bohemia
Premium content Difficulty easy
Distance 57.2 km
Duration 4:05 h
Ascent 374 m
Descent 485 m

The Bavaria-Böhmen Bridge Cycle Path between Fichtelberg and the town of Asch leads through the distinctive landscape of the Fichtelgebirge.

from Felix Müller,   Outdooractive Premium
recommended route Difficulty difficult
Distance 23.7 km
Duration 5:02 h
Ascent 738 m
Descent 673 m

Rundtour für Sammler von Gipfeln und Quellen. Talstation Ochsenkopf Nord Inverse Tour:  Schlusseinkehr auf dem Ochsenkopf und rasante ...

from Hans der Neubauer,   Community
Premium content Difficulty easy
Distance 8.1 km
Duration 4:00 h
Ascent 256 m
Descent 256 m

from Jonas Voit,   Outdooractive Premium
City Walking · Fichtelgebirge
Auf den Spuren der Hofer Industriekultur
recommended route Difficulty easy Open
Distance 6.9 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 82 m
Descent 82 m

Vorn dabei war die Stadt bereits ab 1850: Da entwickelte sie sich zur Textilstadt mit Großbetrieben - die Industriealisierung begann.  

from Martina Martin,   Saechsisch-Bayerisches Staedtenetz

Die Amerikaner nannten es »Little Berlin«, dieses 50-Einwohner-Dorf am Ende der Welt, das wie sein ...

Vogtland - Sinfonie der Natur
Castle · Fichtelgebirge
Eremitage Bayreuth

Parkanlage rund um das Alte Schloss in Bayreuth

from Svenja Trachte,   Outdooractive Editors
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Maps and trails

Unique biodiversity in untouched nature

The Capercaillie has its home in the Fichtel Mountains
The Capercaillie has its home in the Fichtel Mountains
Photo: Xaver Klaussner, Adobe Stock

Located in the border triangle of Saxony, the Czech Republic, and Bavaria, you will find a diverse landscape with the highest peaks in northern Bavaria in the lesser-known Fichtelgebirge. From the most famous mountains like the Schneeberg and the Ochsenkopf, you can see as far as the neighboring Czech Republic.

The untouched forests and the protected moors and swamps are the habitats of endangered species such as the lynx, black woodpecker, and capercaillie. You can also discover the flowering seven-pointed star, the symbolic plant of the Fichtelgebirge, if you take a closer look.

Along the rivers, Saale, Naab, Eger, and Weißer Main live otters, beavers, and kingfishers. Due to its location between various low mountain ranges and water systems, the Fichtelgebirge also has an outstanding role as a hub of biodiversity in Europe.

With the establishment of the Fichtelgebirge Nature Park, the flora and fauna were placed under special protection. On the 100,000 hectares, the originality of the region has been preserved. In the information centers, you can learn interesting details about the past: The population in the Fichtelgebirge was once very prosperous due to ore mining and early industrialization. You can find relics from this time for example in the landscape park Luisenburg or in the Fichtelgebirgsmuseum in Wunsiedel.

The rocky peaks of Schneeberg and Ochsenkopf: striking vantage points with an eventful history

The Schneeberg, at 1053 meters the highest elevation of this low mountain range, is characterized by its striking granite rocks: relics from the Ice Age, covered with various types of lichen and moss. The mountain's eventful history can still be felt today. Used in the past as a signal post and military base, it has only been accessible to everyone since 1993. Within sight and only 4 km away, rises the Ochsenkopf, the second highest peak with the TV tower visible from afar, the Asenturm with the highest inn in the Fichtelgebirge and the Ochsenkopf landmark. 

Experience firsthand the unspoiled nature of the Fichtelgebirge mountains

Are you enthusiastic about hiking? Then you have the choice between countless hiking routes in the Fichtelgebirge - whether multi-day routes, themed trails or family-friendly hikes. A total of 3,600 km of marked hiking trails run through the mountains. You can also follow in Goethe's footsteps, as the poet was already on the move here in 1785 and climbed, among other things, the Ochsenkopf. You can find an overview of the most beautiful hikes on our activity page. 

You can immerse yourself in the history of the stonemason's craft on this themed trail, which takes you along idyllic forest lakes and the granite labyrinth. Are you looking for a challenge and are sure-footed? Then take the narrow path up to the ruins of Epprechstein Castle. On the information boards along the way you can learn more about its history and at the Alpine Club hut you can take a break with a view of the surrounding groundwater lakes.

recommended route Difficulty moderate Open
Distance 9.7 km
Duration 3:00 h
Ascent 205 m
Descent 204 m

Quiet forest lakes, rugged granite quarries and the ruins of Epprechstein Castle are witnesses to the old stonemason's craft and today romantic ...

from Wolfgang Brendel,

Explore the Fichtelgebirge on two wheels

Whether racy descents with the mountain bike, climbs with the racing bike, or leisurely bike rides - the Fichtelgebirge offers many possibilities for all two-wheeled fans. Ambitious mountain bikers should head for the challenging trails around Schneeberg and Ochsenkopf. Many of the routes, such as the 3-summit or the 7-summit route, connect the various summits with each other to form a strenuous day trip. If you prefer to take it easy, you can take the R-Weg around the festival city of Bayreuth.

Winter sports in Fichtelgebirge

Winter sports enthusiasts will find opportunities for cross-country skiing, tobogganing and skiing in Fichtelgebirge. The largest skiing area is the one around the Ochsenkopf with 10 kilometers of slopes. Much larger is the network of trails for classic cross-country skiers and skaters with 100 km, including lighted trails. Freeskiers and snowboarders have the opportunity to prove their skills in the fun parks in Bischofsgrün and Warmensteinach. Here you can also visit the annual sled dog race and the traditional snowman festival in Bischofsgrün with the largest snowman in Germany. 

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    Fichtel Mountains
    Ski Resort Ochsenkopf

The festival city of Bayreuth

The largest city in the Fichtelgebirge is Bayreuth, which has gained worldwide fame through the Richard Wagner Festival. Around 2000 people, including well-known personalities, visit the city every year. Traces of the famous composer can be found everywhere in the cityscape: In addition to the Festival Hall, the Margravial Opera House and the Wahnfried House, the former home of Richard Wagner, are popular sights that you should definitely visit during your city trip. 

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